For The April 8 Episode, WWE RAW Sees An Increase In Viewership

The main WWE program, Monday Night RAW, continues to enthrall fans of professional wrestling around the globe. Discussions and analyses are sparked by the ratings of each episode.

This was also the case with the show that aired on April 8th, right after WrestleMania 40, garnering a lot of attention and appreciation from both fans and critics.

WWE Raw (Credit: ESPN)

Monday Night RAW Ratings Soar After WrestleMania 40

Monday Night RAW’s April 8th edition had a sizable audience, according to data from Wrestlenomics. The program drew 2,362,000 viewers overall, a significant rise over the 1,784,000 people that tuned in the week before.

In addition, the show received a 0.83 rating in the highly sought-after 18–49 age group, which is a notable improvement from the 0.59 rating it received the week before.

Monday Night RAW premiered following the spectacular spectacle of WrestleMania 40 with this program. With thrilling segments that featured cameos from iconic characters like The Rock and emerging star Cody Rhodes, it brought in a new era.

Cody Rhodes vs The Rock
Cody Rhodes vs The Rock (Credit: ESPN)

To top it off, the much-awaited RAW in-ring debut of Jade Cargill added to the excitement of the evening. Fans and critics alike gave the episode good reviews. Thus, expectations for the next Monday Night RAW episodes are high.

Enthusiasts of wrestling are anxious to see if the program can keep up its momentum and attract large audiences. There is still a lot of excitement surrounding Monday Night RAW as viewers anticipate what will happen.