Gazan Families Seek Shelter in Chicken Farm Amid War

As Israeli bombardments continue displacing one million Gazans, many seek refuge in Rafah, with some families finding shelter in a chicken farm. The conflict, initiated by a Hamas attack on Israel, has led to devastating consequences, with over 27,800 Palestinians killed.

In Rafah, where 85% of Gaza’s population has fled, families endure cramped living conditions in tents or makeshift shelters.

For the Hanoon family, residing on a chicken farm signifies rock bottom. Umm Mahdi Hanoon expresses the dire circumstances, likening their living space to that of animals. With water leaks and harsh cold, especially challenging for children and the elderly, their situation is unbearable.

Hundreds and thousands of Palestinians forced to find homes in camps and shelters (Credits: Asharq Al Awsat)

Mahdi Hanoon recounts their journey from Gaza City to Rafah after their neighborhood became a target of Israeli shelling. Initially hoping for a temporary stay, they settled in the chicken farm, repurposing cages as beds and using a makeshift stove for cooking. Despite the challenges, they realize their stay will be prolonged.

Living in a space designed for birds, Mahdi reflects on the hardships of feeling caged. Their plight epitomizes the harsh reality faced by many Gazans amid the ongoing conflict, highlighting the urgent need for humanitarian aid and peace efforts.