Get Ready For Adventure: Jane Season 2 Coming Soon

Exciting news for young nature enthusiasts! Collider is thrilled to share an exclusive sneak peek of Jane Season 2 on Apple TV+. The show follows Jane Garcia, inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall’s work, on her adventures in wildlife conservation.

In our clip, Jane and her chimp friend, Greybeard, encounter a lion, sparking curiosity about lion pack behavior. Emmy Award winner J.J. Johnson directs Jane, blending live-action and CGI to bring environmental stories to life.

Produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment and the Jane Goodall Institute, the show won a Children’s and Family Emmy Award for its stunning visual effects.

Still from the Jane Season 2 (Credit: IMDb)

Jane Season 2 Encourages Kids and Families to Care About the Environment

In the new season premiering globally on April 19, nine-year-old Jane, played by Ava Louise Murchison, leads her friends David and Greybeard on missions to protect endangered animals.

Dr. Goodall supports the series, highlighting its role in inspiring young viewers to care for the planet. This marks Sinking Ship Entertainment’s second Apple Original series, following the success of Ghostwriter.

Still from the show
Still from the show (Credit: IMDb)

The collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute focuses on creating engaging and educational content about environmental responsibility.

Don’t miss the new season of Jane premiering April 19 on Apple TV+. Join Jane and her crew as they explore and protect the wonders of our planet.