GKIDS Debuts The First Slam Dunk Blu-ray Set on June 25, Plans Collector’s Edition Release

GKIDS announced that it will be releasing the critically acclaimed sports anime film The First Slam Dunk on Blu-ray disc on June 25, 2024. The home video entertainment distribution will be handled by Shout! Studios. 

The initial run of the Blu-ray release includes a limited-edition sticker sheet featuring Shohoku team uniforms. It will also offer several bonus features such as an interview with the film’s director and Slam Dunk creator Takehiko Inoue, a “Behind the Starting Line-up” English dub featurette, audio commentary with the English dubbing team, and trailers for the film.

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The film will also receive a Collector’s Edition later this year, with details to be announced as a future date. 

The First Slam Dunk premiered in Japan on December 3, 2023 and was licensed by GKIDS for North American screening on July 28, 2023. The film has grossed a total of US$279 million worldwide, making it the fifth highest grossing anime film of all time. It has also won several awards, including Best Animated Work at the 46th Japan Academy Film Prize. 

GKIDs describes the synopsis of the film as: 

Shohoku’s “speedster” and point guard, Ryota Miyagi, always plays with brains and lightning speed, running circles around his opponents while feigning composure. Born and raised in Okinawa, Ryota had a brother who was three years older. Following in the footsteps of his older brother, who was a famous local player from a young age, Ryota also became addicted to basketball.

In his second year of high school, Ryota plays with the Shohoku High School basketball team along with Sakuragi, Rukawa, Akagi, and Mitsui as they take the stage at the Inter-High School National Championship. 

And now, they are on the brink of challenging the reigning champions, Sannoh Kogyo High School.

Pre-orders for The First Slam Dunk standard Blu-ray are now open on GKIDS online store and several other retailed for around US$19.95 before tax. More information and updates can be found here

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