Go Kyung-pyo Set to Deliver Unforgettable Laughs in “Frankly Speaking”

As anticipation builds for JTBC’s newest Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Frankly Speaking,” viewers can expect a delightful comedic experience courtesy of Go Kyung-pyo’s portrayal of the protagonist, Song Ki-baek.

Set against the backdrop of a melodramatic narrative, “Frankly Speaking” follows the journey of Song Ki-baek, a 33-year-old announcer grappling with a peculiar disorder that compels him to speak without filter. Paired with Kang Han-na’s character, On Woo-ju, a determined variety show writer, the drama promises an engaging exploration of love, ambition, and the pursuit of truth.

Described by his colleagues as the “sexy-brain man,” “silver spoon,” and possessing “high spec,” Song Ki-baek appears to have his life on track as an accomplished announcer on the cusp of a prestigious promotion. However, a twist of fate alters his trajectory, thrusting him into a world of comedic chaos and uncontrollable honesty.

Go Kyung-Pyo’s still from “Frankly Speaking” (Credits: JTBC)

Go Kyung-pyo’s meticulous portrayal of Song Ki-baek’s transformation from a “yes man” to a “fact bomber” showcases the actor’s dedication to his craft. Immersed in his character, Go Kyung-pyo brings sincerity and authenticity to his performance, ensuring viewers are thoroughly entertained by Song Ki-baek’s unpredictable antics.

In a statement from the production team, Go Kyung-pyo’s commitment to capturing Song Ki-baek’s essence has been lauded, with many staff members praising his ability to seamlessly embody the character’s charm and vulnerability. Despite his initial facade of sophistication, Song Ki-baek’s endearing goofiness shines through, offering viewers a relatable and lovable protagonist.

Go Kyung-Pyo’s still from “Frankly Speaking” (Credits: JTBC)

With the premiere of “Frankly Speaking” slated for May, audiences can eagerly anticipate Go Kyung-pyo’s portrayal of Song Ki-baek and the comedic escapades that await. As the drama unfolds, viewers are invited to join in the laughter and witness the diverse charms of both the actor and his character.