“GTO: Paradise Lost” Returns with Renewed Serialization

In this year’s 18th issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine, it was revealed on Monday that Tohru Fujisawa’s manga “GTO: Paradise Lost” will resume serialization on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket website under the new name “GTO: Paradise Lost Kai” (GTO: Paradise Lost Renewed) starting from Monday onward.

The manga had recently gone on hiatus in February 2023 and was expected to return in summer 2023, but the serialization did not resume as planned.

In September 2023, Fujisawa took to Twitter to announce that the manga was on hiatus “after being removed from the magazine midway through its serialization.” He also mentioned considering if another publisher could take over the copyright at that time.

GTO Paradise Lost Returns (Credits: Yanmanga)

Fujisawa originally launched “GTO: Paradise Lost,” a spinoff of his renowned “GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)” manga, in Weekly Young Magazine back in April 2014. Kodansha released the manga’s 20th compiled book volume in November 2022.

Previously, Crunchyroll provided the manga online, including the latest chapters as they were released in Japan. However, the company stopped offering catalog chapters of the title in 2018 and terminated its Crunchyroll Manga service last December. Currently, Kodansha USA Publishing digitally releases the manga in English, with the 20th volume released in March 2023.

GTO Paradise Lost Returns (Credits: Yanmanga)

Tokyopop and Vertical have also published various other GTO manga titles, including “GTO: The Early Years,” in North America. The original manga served as the inspiration for a television anime series and several live-action adaptations. Additionally, “GTO: The Early Years” inspired a new live-action series adaptation in February 2020.

Fujisawa had mentioned in 2021 that “GTO: Paradise Lost” was intended to be the “final” manga in the GTO series.