Han So-hee Sets Aside Dating Controversy, Focuses on CF Shoot

Amidst ongoing speculations regarding her personal life, Han So-hee remains steadfast in her professional commitments, with reports indicating that the actress is set to film an advertisement for the global appliance brand Shark on April 15th, as released by Star-News on April 1st.

Having recently inked a global model contract with Shark, Han So-hee’s association with the brand underscores her resilience in the face of recent relationship controversies. Despite public scrutiny surrounding her romance with Ryu Jun-yeol and subsequent breakup, the actress continues to attract attention from advertisers, broadcasters, and film producers, signalling that her career trajectory remains largely unaffected by the dating controversy.

Renowned for her striking visuals, unique fashion sense, and candid personality, Han So-hee has carved a niche for herself among the MZ Generation. Making her debut in the 2017 drama “Reunited Worlds,” the actress rose to prominence with her mesmerising portrayal in the hit series “The World of the Married” in 2020. Since then, she has curated a diverse filmography, showcasing her versatility through successful projects like “Soundtrack #1,” “My Name,” “Nevertheless,” and “Gyeongseong Creature.”

Han So Hee’s still from “Gyeongseong Creature” (Credits: Netflix)

Before the public disclosure of their relationship issues, Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol were slated to lead the cast of the upcoming project “Delusion.” However, with uncertainties surrounding their involvement in the webtoon-based project, questions linger regarding Han So-hee’s continued participation, particularly in light of her ex-boyfriend’s decision to suspend his review of the script.

Directed by renowned filmmaker Han Jae-rim, “Delusion” is poised to transport viewers to the Japanese colonial era in 1935, exploring themes of love, intrigue, and mystery. Centered around a painter commissioned to depict a beautiful yet enigmatic woman, the project promises a compelling narrative that intertwines romance and suspense.

Han So Hee (Credits: 9 Ato Entertainment)

As Han So-hee navigates the complexities of her personal and professional life, her steadfast dedication to her craft and unwavering commitment to her projects underscore her resilience in the face of adversity, solidifying her status as one of the industry’s most promising talents.