Happy April Fool’s Day From the Anime Word Part II – Interest

Are you smart enough to stay one step ahead of the fooler this April Fool’s Day?

It’s April Fool’s Day, and that means you’re either the fooler or the fooled. And the anime industry is trying to fool you. But, can you see through their jokes this year?

Chitose Yagami

I am Yagami Chitose, the creator of the movie Koi Suru ♡ Scramble in which the ES Idols appear♪

Thank you so much for this dream-like project!
I always look forward to the April Fool’s Day of Ensemble Stars!! This year, I never expected…this!! (KoiSuku was created for this project 😊✨ )

Date A Live

◢◤ Production on new animation fllms green-lit ◢◤

#デート・ア・ライブ [Date A Live] franchise‘s latest
Date A Idol
Date a Magical

Double feature! ! 🎬

〉〉〉 https://date-a-live5th-anime.com/special/20240401.html

#エイプリルフール [April Fool’s}
#デアラ二作劇場同時上映 [DaALa Double Feature]

Delicious in Dungeon

He is such a big star and loved so much that he has “Walking Mushroom” clubs all over the world.
“Top-class monster” #歩き茸さん [Walking Mushroom] conducted a solo interview.

What are his feelings towards Laios and his group, his memories from when he traveled as a promotional ambassador, and what is Walking Mushroom’s “dream”…?

Now available on the “#ダンジョン飯” [Delicious in Dungeon] official website.
https://t.co/oCSHUEvIzh#4月1日 [April 1]

Ensemble Stars!

“Well. Wh, whose hand should I take…!?”

Spring 2024 🎥 Movie ❗
Koi Suru ♡ Scramble

#八神千歳 [Chiitose Yagami]-sensei’s super popular manga #恋すく” [KoiSuku] is being made into a long-awaited movie 💕

🎥 For details, please visit the official movie website

Fate/Grand Order

[From Chaldea Public Relations Bureau]
We will be releasing the new app Fate/Dream Striker on Monday, April 1!
Fate/Dream Striker is a super strange soccer game where the servants of FGO gather!
This is a soccer RPG where you dodge the onslaught of servants and rush towards the goal!

Please wait for the release to start on App Store and Google Play.

Click here for the official website →https://fate-go.jp/fate-ds/
#FGO #FateDS #超異聞サッカー [Super Strange Soccer]

Giji Harem

This teaser promotional video imagines if Giji Harem‘s two lead cast members swapped roles:

Guilty Gear -Strive

Honkai: Star Rail

IdolM@asters Shiny Colors Song for Prism

How to play “4lternative 1dentity” ①

The “April Fool’s Limited” unit can change into any outfit you own!

Choose your favorite costume and enjoy the special live performance and music video for one day only ♪

#シャイニーな一枚 [Shiny One]
#シャニソン [Shiny Song]

Jouji Nakata

“Good morning everyone ❣️ ” cv. Jouji Nakata

It’s not April Fool’s!

(Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!)

Kengo Hanazawa

It’s April Fool’s, but this is true>

Kyuryu Z

April Fool’s

My Happy Marriage

The game My Happy Marriage, which was a huge hit at the time, was discovered deep inside the Saimori family storehouse.

It was rumor has it the Usuba family wiped it from the world because it was so entertaining that people became to fascinated with it.

Today, it has been decided it will be re-released as a social game!

#わた婚アニメ [My Marriage] #エイプリルフール [April Fool’s] #わた婚ゲヱム [My Marriage Game]



Image courtesy of Kadokawa

Notice: The Nukitashi anime adaptation has been canceled: [April Fool’s]

Penguin Box

April Fool’s


The birth of the Tenshin Sentai Shyranger ⁉

For one day only
the official website and official X banners will use the special version!

Heroes from around the world
fight to protect peace on Earth using the power of their hearts.
The second season of the TV anime SHY will begin airing in July!

※ This is an April Fool’s Day project.

#SHY_hero #シャイレンジャー [Shyranger]

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