Hiroshi Takahashi’s Crows/Worst Manga Franchise Gets Smartphone Game – News

Game launches on iOS on April 10, features original story, characters

Game developer Sonic Powered revealed on Wednesday that it is developing Crows×Worst Unlimited, a new smartphone game based on Hiroshi Takahashi‘s Crows and Worst manga. The game will release for iOS on April 10, and also has an Android version in development.

The game features a new original story with new original characters Kei Hachio and Eita Mikumo.

Takahashi began Worst as a continuation of his earlier Crows series in 2001, and it ended in 2013. The story follows a delinquent named Hana Tsukishima as he rises to the top of the gangs at the notorious Suzuran Boys’ High School. A single-volume side story titled Worst Gaiden ran in Monthly Shōnen Champion in 2009. The franchise launched a new spinoff manga titled Worst Gaiden: Dokuro (Worst Side Story: Skull) in February 2019. Another new spinoff manga titled Worst Gaiden Zetton-sensei launched in July 2020. Yet another spinoff launched Akita Shoten‘s Manga Cross website in January 2022 titled Worst Gaiden Saburock Santa: Namonaki Karasu-tachi (Worst Side Story Saburock Santa: Nameless Crows).

Takahashi’s Crows manga ran for 26 volumes, and inspired a two-episode anime OVA adaptation. The manga also inspired three live-action films, with Takashi Miike directing the first two films, Crows Zero and Crows Zero II. Crows Explode, the third film, opened in Japan in April 2014. Tokyo Shock released the first film on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in North America, and video label MVM released both Crows Zero and Crows Zero II in the United Kingdom.

HiGH&LOW THE WORST, a crossover film that integrates both main manga with the HiGH&LOW franchise, opened in Japan in October 2019. 6 from HiGH&LOW THE WORST, the sequel series to the film, premiered on NTV in November 2020. A sequel film opened in September 2022.

Source: Sonic Powered YouTube channel via Otakomu