Hololive Meet 2024 Ambassadors Announced

COVER Corporation has revealed the ambassadors of Hololive Meet 2024.

This year’s ambassadors are Hololive’s Shirakami Fubuki, Hololive Indonesia’s Kobo Kanaeru, Hololive English’s Hakos Baelz, Holostars’ Minase Rio, and Holostars English’s Banzoin Hakka.

A key visual of the Hololive Meet 2024 ambassadors, illustrated by Pisuke and Ordan, was released together with the announcement. Merchandise will follow in the future. 

Hololive Meet was launched in April 2022 as part of COVER’s plans to hold more overseas events. The project involves “participation in overseas events in various forms such as exhibitions at conventions, guest appearances by our talents at overseas events, and self-produced events internationally.”

Hololive Meet 2023’s ambassadors were Sakura Miko (Hololive), Kureiji Ollie (Hololive Indonesia), IRyS (Hololive English), Yukoku Roberu (Holostars), and Regis Altare (Holostars English). Their merchandise included acrylic stands, trading cards, phone tab and strap sets, and B2 slim tapestries.

Source: Hololive Production website