Icori Ando Launches Manga Adaptation of Naoki-Winning Hamon Novel – News

Manga series to serialize on Kadokawa‘s Comic Hu platform

Kadokawa‘s Comic Hu announced on Twitter on March 29 that Icori Ando will adapt Hiroyuki Kurokawa’s Naoki Prize-winning novel Hamon (Expulsion) into a manga series on the platform in late April.

Image via Comic Hu’s Twitter

The Hamon book follows the unlikely pair of the construction consultant Ninomiya and the gangster Kuwahara. The book is the fifth in an overall “Ekibyōgami” series, which has seven books.

The book was adapted into a live-action series in 2015 and a live-action movie titled Hamon: Yakuza Boogie in 2017.

The Naoki Prize is a Japanese literature award given out biannually to popular new works of new, rising, or relatively young authors.

Ando’s Butterfly Storage manga ended in 2018. Ryu Comics shipped the fourth and final volume in September 2018. Manga Planet licensed the series in 2020.

Source: Comic Hu’s Twitter account

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