Inside HYBE: Influencer Reveals Strict Security Measures With LE SSERAFIM

On April 9, popular influencers HJ Evelyn and Erica treated fans to an inside look at HYBE’s headquarters through a vlog featuring their meeting with the agency’s girl group, LE SSERAFIM.

During the visit, the sisters detailed the rigorous security procedures implemented at HYBE, underscoring the company’s commitment to safeguarding its artists. They described a comprehensive 30-minute entry process that involved presenting passports for inspection and completing numerous forms before gaining access.

LE SSERAFIM with Influencers HJ Evelyn and Erica (Credits: HJ Evelyn/Youtube)

Moreover, the influencers highlighted additional security measures, such as taping up phone cameras to prevent unauthorized recording when not actively filming content. These precautions reflect HYBE’s dedication to maintaining privacy and security for its artists in a digital age where privacy breaches are a concern.

Given HYBE’s impressive roster of renowned artists, including BTS and TXT, the strict security protocols showcased in the vlog underscore the company’s proactive approach to protecting its talents and maintaining confidentiality.

The influencers’ vlog offers viewers a rare sneak into the behind-the-scenes operations at HYBE, shedding light on the extensive measures taken to ensure a secure environment for artists and staff alike.