IU’s Unexpected Frustration Surprises Fans

IU, known for her typically caring and positive demeanour, has recently captured attention by displaying an uncharacteristic sense of frustration in a new video.

While IU has occasionally portrayed a darker side in her acting and music videos, her public image is often associated with an angelic persona characterized by boundless energy.

In this particular instance on Pixid’s YouTube channel, IU engaged in a distinctive role-playing scenario, a skillful blend of acting and bluffing that has become a signature in the series.

Assuming the character of a recruit, IU, who expressed confidence in her extensive experience playing the Mafia game, participated in a phone-based interaction where the participants aimed to identify the odd one out.

IU defends against injustice in Pixid episode (Credits: @Pixid/YouTube)

Despite IU’s best efforts to maintain her incognito status, suspicions arose among the others, particularly triggered by a conversation about meeting celebrities. Although the majority of the video maintained a light-hearted atmosphere, some moments exposed IU’s uncharacteristic frustration.

The participants, notably younger individuals, shared poignant stories from their past experiences, eliciting a reaction not commonly associated with IU’s usual angelic disposition. One participant recounted an unsettling incident where her friend, deemed “fat” by an interviewer, faced derogatory comments during a job interview.

IU playing the mafia game in Pixid (Credits: @Pixid/YouTube)

IU, visibly angered, condemned such behaviour and expressed disbelief that individuals with such discriminatory attitudes still existed, especially in positions of seniority.

Another participant shared a distressing experience of workplace harassment, with a customer making inappropriate comments about her appearance and seeking private information.

IU’s immediate expression of disgust and subsequent praise for the participant taking appropriate action highlighted her commitment to addressing and condemning unjust situations.

Upon the video’s release, netizens flooded the comments section with praise for IU, acknowledging her genuine reactions and unwavering stance against perceived injustices.

IU’s immediate expression of anger in response to the recounted experiences further reinforced her reputation as an artist who, despite her angelic image, does not shy away from vocalizing her discontent with situations she deems unacceptable.

In essence, this video served as a platform for IU to showcase a less familiar aspect of her personality, emphasizing her dedication to speaking out against perceived wrongs, even as she maintains her reputation as a positive and caring figure in the public eye.