Jennie’s Style Statement: Fashionable Choices Amidst Wealth

Jennie, a prominent figure in the K-pop scene as a member of the renowned group Blackpink, recently garnered attention for her fashion choices on the tvN variety show “Apartment 404,” which aired on the 29th. Displaying her signature style, Jennie sported a lively spring look, layering a white bomber jacket over a fresh blue-toned outfit.

Despite her status as a global sensation, Jennie’s choice of attire included a jacket priced at a modest 219,000 won, complemented by a denim jacket from Calvin Klein, priced at 269,000 won.

While the episode of “Apartment 404” focused on a significant narrative concerning a drug case dating back to 1984, Jennie’s fashion statement captured viewers’ attention, showcasing her knack for effortlessly blending chic elements with casual attire. Her appearance on the show not only highlighted her fashion sense but also emphasized her relatability to audiences through her down-to-earth style choices.

Jennie’s still from “Apartment 404” (Credits: tvN)

Despite her wealth and fame, Jennie has consistently demonstrated a preference for affordable yet fashionable clothing. This stands in contrast to her staggering contract fee of nearly 100 billion won received from YG Entertainment, as disclosed in the company’s 2023 business report. The report also discussed the substantial deposits made by YG, primarily attributed to re-signing fees for Blackpink members, indicating the financial investment made by the agency in their talents.

Jennie’s modest fashion choices extend beyond her television appearances. In November of the previous year, she made headlines for purchasing a luxury villa in UN Village, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, for 5 billion won in cash, without resorting to a loan. This acquisition further underscored Jennie’s financial acumen and strategic investment decisions, highlighting her astuteness beyond her music career.

Jennie’s still from “Apartment 404” (Credits: tvN)

Jennie’s fashion statement on “Apartment 404” serves as a testament to her practicality and style versatility, demonstrating that one’s sense of fashion transcends wealth and status. As a global icon, Jennie continues to inspire fans with her impeccable taste and down-to-earth demeanour, solidifying her status as a fashion influencer in the industry.