Jim Ross Responds To The WWE’s Decision To Move Away From Sports Entertainment

Under Paul Levesque’s direction, WWE is ushering in a new era, and recent weeks have seen noticeable adjustments. The organization is shifting its emphasis from its prior emphasis on sports entertainment to pro wrestling.

Pro wrestling commentator Jim Ross stated that he was in favor of WWE’s move toward pro wrestling. He thinks that accepting pro wrestling is crucial and that this action makes sense. Ross believes that pro wrestling has always been the core of the industry and that WWE ought to embrace this.

Jim Ross (Credit: ESPN)

WWE Embraces Pro Wrestling

Additionally, Ross believes that this change is a calculated attempt to break WWE’s long-standing ties to Vince McMahon. Recent court cases, such as those against WWE and McMahon, provide more evidence in favor of this tactical change.

Ross also underlined his opinion that pro wrestling is a greater genre. He emphasized All Elite Wrestling’s accomplishments and gave credit to Tony Khan’s love of professional wrestling for some of it.

Jim Ross (Credit: ESPN)
Jim Ross (Credit: ESPN)

WWE has undergone a dramatic change with this transfer, indicating a break from its long-standing storyline under McMahon’s direction.

The question that has to be answered as WWE moves into this revolutionary stage is whether this change will improve the company’s relationship with its audience or drive away devoted followers who are used to sports entertainment.