Kagurabachi and One Piece fans Get in a Heated Argument Over a Silly Thing

The debate between Kagurabachi and One Piece enthusiasts has once again lit up the corridors of social media, as is tradition among fans of various manga series. This friendly rivalry has been a staple of anime’s presence in the West, where devotees often engage in spirited discussions to champion their preferred series and critique others.

The latest spark in this ongoing dialogue was a peculiar comparison drawn between Chihiro Rokuhira from Kagurabachi and Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece. Advocates for Kagurabachi seemed to gain the upper hand in this round, igniting a fiery exchange among users in the comments section of the post.

Fans from both camps found themselves embroiled in a passionate debate, showcasing the deep affection and loyalty they hold for their respective series. This interaction, while intense, underscores the vibrant community that anime has fostered across the globe.

Color cover page from Kagurabachi Chapter 8 featuring Chihiro (Credits: Manga Plus)

The Reason for Heated Argument between Kagurabachi and One Piece fans

Kagurabachi and One Piece fans found themselves locked in heated discussions due to a provocative comparison made by a Kagurabachi enthusiast, who juxtaposed Chihiro Rokuhira with One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy.

The crux of the debate centered around comparing the bounties of the two characters to determine who was deemed more dangerous.

Critics of this comparison pointed out the folly of such debates, arguing that it was akin to comparing apples to oranges given the distinct universes and time periods in which these characters exist.

This fundamental difference in the settings of the two manga series was highlighted as a primary issue with the comparison.

Kagurabachi and One Piece fans Get in a Heated Argument Over a Silly Thing
Chihiro (Credits: Weekly Shonen Jump)

Furthermore, detractors noted that the use of a fictitious currency in One Piece rendered the comparison flawed from the outset. The argument was sparked by the claim that Chihiro’s bounty exceeded Luffy’s initial bounty in the series, which served as the basis for the fiery exchanges on the platform known as X.

The motives behind the original post by the X user remain speculative. Such debates are often sparked for various reasons, including the pursuit of clout or simply as a means of engaging in light-hearted banter with fans of rival series. The exact intentions in this instance, however, remain ambiguous.

Kagurabachi and One Piece fans Get in a Heated Argument Over a Silly Thing
Luffy (Credits: Toei Animation)

Fans Reaction to This Debate

The debate between Kagurabachi and One Piece fans over the comparison between Chihiro Rokuhira and Monkey D. Luffy elicited a range of reactions from both fanbases. A particular stance taken by a One Piece enthusiast involved adjusting Luffy’s bounty for inflation, suggesting,

“one piece takes place in year 1520. with inflation, 30 million would worth 1.5 billion.”

This fan expressed displeasure at the comparison with Chihiro, indicating a broader sentiment among fans that the comparison was designed to provoke discord rather than foster meaningful discussion.

Kagurabachi and One Piece fans Get in a Heated Argument Over a Silly Thing
Luffy in Gear 5th mimicking Nika (Credits: Toei Animation)

Another Kagurabachi supporter commented on the perceived inability of One Piece fans to engage humorously, stating,

“Careful my man. One piece fans are insufferable and can’t take jokes and will turn everything into a competition.”

This reflects a common perception of the One Piece community as being particularly fervent, sometimes to the point of taking jokes as serious affronts, leading to heated online exchanges.

Kagurabachi and One Piece fans Get in a Heated Argument Over a Silly Thing
Chihiro (Color Credits: @shiredora_)

An interesting point was raised regarding the comparative danger of the characters based on their bounties:

“Get him past 8-year-old Robin.”

This highlighted how Nico Robin had a bounty of 79 million Berry at just eight years old, surpassing both Luffy’s initial 30 million Berry and Chihiro’s 50 million Yen, thus questioning the basis of comparing Luffy and Chihiro’s danger levels and suggesting Robin as a more formidable figure than either.

Amidst the debate, some fans chose to rise above the fray, with one commenting, “Both Goats still,” to highlight the excellence of both characters within their respective narratives. This group of fans appreciated each series for its unique contributions to the manga world, showcasing a rare neutrality in typically polarized manga fandom discussions.