Kagurabachi’s Creator Announces His First Convention Appearance at Anifest Event

Kagurabachi swiftly captured the hearts of Weekly Shonen Jump readers since its debut in September 2023.

Following the journey of Chihiro seeking revenge, the series earned praise, even from My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi. With its rising popularity, creator Takeru Hokazono is gearing up for his first anime convention.

Though an anime adaptation of Chihiro’s story hasn’t been confirmed yet, Kagurabachi’s editor expressed the ambition for the series to hit the small screen, stating,

Kagurabachi’s Creator Message

“I hope it’ll become an even more popular manga. Thankfully, the international popularity is extremely high, so I’d like to keep up the popularity in Japan as well. Eventually, our goal is to make it into an anime.”

Takeru Hokazono is set to make an appearance at AnimeFestival Asia from May 3rd to 5th, accompanied by Shonen Jump’s “Deputy Editor-In-Chief” Momiyama. Fans are eager for news regarding a potential anime adaptation of Kagurabachi at the event next month.

Color cover page from Kagurabachi Chapter 8 featuring Chihiro (Credits: Manga Plus)

AnimeFestival Asia holds significance in the anime world, described as the largest J-Culture & ACG Festival in Southeast Asia, with record-breaking attendance in 2022. It was also honored as a Finalist for Outstanding Leisure Event by the Singapore Tourism Board.

For those interested in Kagurabachi, Shonen Jump introduces the manga as a tale of young Chihiro training under his famous swordsmith father, aspiring to follow in his footsteps. However, tragedy strikes, leading Chihiro on a path of revenge, filled with epic sword battle action.