Kenny Omega Admits Despite His Recuperation From Diarrhea, He Is Still Far From Making A Meaningful Return

For the AEW World Tag Team Championships, Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho were originally supposed to be paired together. Diverticulitis, on the other hand, presented a challenge and required him to take a break from wrestling. Omega’s health is still more important than a desire for a reunion.

Kenny Omega (Credit: ESPN)

Kenny Omega’s Health Journey

After a serious sickness and necessary surgical postponement, Omega’s recuperation became an endless quest. Kenny Omega shares updates on his health battle and recovery journey.

Using Twitch streams to keep supporters updated on his health, Omega disclosed his continuous battles with diverticulitis and diverticulosis, which he manages with help from the LifeMed Clinic in Baltimore.

While Omega has seen improvements in his day-to-day well-being, he remains cautious about returning to the ring. He emphasizes the need for full recovery, avoiding impacts and heavy lifts that could jeopardize his health. Despite feeling better, Omega acknowledges the risks involved in returning too soon.

Kenny Omega (Credit: ESPN)
Kenny Omega (Credit: ESPN)

Expressing gratitude for the support received during his health battle, Omega remains realistic about his return timeline.

Despite doubts about his role as an EVP, Omega’s focus remains on recuperation. Tony Khan, however, remains optimistic about Omega’s eventual return to AEW, signaling hope for fans eagerly awaiting his comeback.