Kickstarter Campaign for English Release of To the Sea, Seaside Beta, More Manga Reaches Goal – News

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Glacier Bay BooksKickstarter campaign to crowdfund the English release of Aoi Mukoubi‘s To the Sea manga, ohuton‘s Seaside Beta manga, Byu Kijitori’s One Hundred Views of Reality manga, and the second volume of Sayaka Mogi‘s Final Testament to the Moon manga reached its US$50,000 goal on Sunday. The campaign has raised US$50,512 from 386 backers as of press time.

Glacier Bay Books launched the Kickstarter campaign on March 23. The campaign will end on April 22 at 12:05 p.m. EDT. The campaign is also accepting advance reservations for the simultaneous English release of Natsujikei Miyazaki’s …and the Strange and Funky Happenings One Day manga and Yoruno Hitsujigumo’s The Other Side of the Clouds manga.

Estimated delivery dates for all the reward tiers are July 2024. All reward tiers will ship internationally aside from the ones that include T-shirts, stickers, and Mogi’s False Stars manga, which will only ship to addresses in the United States. Upon successful completion of the campaign, Glacier Bay Books will begin publishing the titles by April 2024.

Image courtesy of Glacier Bay Books

Glacier Bay Books describes To the Sea:

Luca no longer approaches the human cities
like she sometimes would… These days, it’s
rare to even see the silhouette of a ship. It’s as
if I’ve wandered into a completely different

The voices of dolphins reach hundreds of
kilometers in the water. The creatures of the
sea have a network wider than earthbound
humans could ever imagine.

I am a member of the Triton tribe, a protector
of the ocean’s peace. Although, I can’t really
claim that I’ve been defending anything. All
I’ve been doing is running away.

I want to return to the world of humans…

A dolphin wanders the quiet tributaries of
Tokyo. A green-haired girl carrying her
father’s blade disappears into the night. A
dream of a world as unkind as our own,
and a story of the youth forever cast down
with the burden of their forebearers.

This is the world of orichalcum, the
mysterious, seemingly unlimited power of
the Tritons, and the world of Poseidon,
whose dominion continuously extends,
reaching inexorably into the heart of all
living things.

Mukoubi published the manga from 2007 to 2012. Glacier Bay Books announced the license in October 2022.

Image courtesy of Glacier Bay Books

Glacier Bay Books describes Seaside Beta:

Speech balloons, or balloons for short, are
objects that appear once spoken, showing the
speaker’s exact words right near them.

Balloons and the language they show are
controlled by the black towers. There exist
approximately 6900 in the world, and within

Their newest work, ohuton‘s SEASIDE
BETA is a contemporary coming of age /
Sci-Fi comic inspired by the Sci-Fi classic
Flatland. Seaside Beta is a story about a
story within a story that is unraveled within
itself. The quest for “color”, and the
obsessive search for “an escape” into the

A startling work that glimmers with the
depiction of childish youth and the occult.
A physics mystery about individuals’
attempt to escape from the very pages of
the comic itself.

ohuton published the manga as a dōjin at the Comitia 141 event in 2022. Glacier Bay Books announced the license in October 2022.

Image courtesy of Glacier Bay Books

Glacier Bay Books describes One Hundred Views of Reality:

The American Dream… The meaning of those
words has completely changed.

Everyone has realized that capital success is
no more than an endpoint, and money can
only be used for something as impractical as
vases. No one desires anything like that
anymore. What they desire is growth,

The American Dream… What does this phrase
mean now, then?

Byu is an independent cartoonist active in
the Comitia doujin scene whose style
mixes surreal, sometimes humorous
situations, with abstract subject matter and
a simplified line effected to deeply
thought-provoking and poignant result.

Their self-published collection Zenbu Toki
ni Atta, which One Hundred Views of
Reality draws from and expands on, was
a jury selection for the 20th Japan Media
Arts Award.

One Hundred Views of Reality collects
300+ pages worth of Byu’s short story
manga for the first time, including their
highly-regarded cult classic works A Long
Stay, BYTE, A Country Called America,
and many more. A rare glimpse into the
slightly surreal alternative Comitia doujin
scene of the early 2010s.

Image courtesy of Glacier Bay Books

Glacier Bay Books describes the second volume of Final Testament to the Moon:

There used to be many werewolves, now
only few remain… Here is detailed the
tragic fate of werewolf twins Sköll and Hati
in this, the Final Testament to the Moon.

I want to hurry and grow up…

The second volume of Sayaka Mogi‘s
beloved ongoing epic adventure series,
this episode develops the explosive first
encounter of the mysterious hunter Raitei
and the young werewolf exile Sköll, both
of whom play an integral role in the story
of the wolfkin tribe.

Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice:
Final Testament to the Moon stands
alone as an independent story while also
functioning as a sequel to / reboot of the
Kodansha digital series Red Riding
Hood’s Wolf Apprentice, and of Sayaka
Mogi’s overarching world of Humans,
Beastkin, and Hunters.

A new epic fantasy / adventure / drama
series unfolds.

Mogi published the first volume of the Final Testament to the Moon (Akazukin no Ōkami Deshi – Tsuki he no Tsuigon) sequel manga to her Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice manga at the Comitia dōjinshi event in Tokyo in May 2019. The digital version debuted in July 2019. She had previously self-published an English e-book version of the manga. Mogi published the end of the “first part” of the manga in December 2018, and announced that she would self-publish the rest of the manga. Glacier Bay Books licensed the manga and published the first volume in print in May 2022. Azuki added it in August 2022.

Mogi launched the original Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice manga in Kodansha‘s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in September 2017. Kodansha published the manga’s third compiled book volume in February 2019. Kodansha Comics is publishing the manga in English digitally, and it released the third volume in September 2019.

Image courtesy of Glacier Bay Books

Glacier Bay Books describes …And the Strange and Funky Happenings One Day:

Natsujikei Miyazaki has been hailed as
one of the most imaginative new
cartoonists of her generation, and her
works recognized on industry best-of lists
and at the Japan Media Arts Festival.

HAPPENINGS ONE DAY brings to life 33
small sci-fi fragments infused with an
ecstatic sense of playfulness and wonder
which slice through that mysterious,
inescapable thing “everyday life”. A
collection of short story masterpieces
showcasing the dynamism of ordinary
people under mundanely extraordinary

A girl with near-nonexistent supernatural
powers is actually just a normal kid, a
potter who keeps breaking his own
pottery, a man whose job is to put
protective cling film on things yet struggles
to protect what he treasures most, a boy
who wakes up one day with a tag hanging
from his ear labeled “Pull”, two people that
are the only ones left on the planet and
consider whether to risk meeting up in
person, a group of planets return to their
“home” orbit for a long overdue stardust
reunion, and many, many more. Gorgeous
and eclectic, these stories almost casually
affirm what it means to live, and all ways
of life.

Image courtesy of Glacier Bay Books

Glacier Bay Books describes the second volume of The Other Side of the Clouds:

To all of you who wish to go somewhere far
away, I hope you wake up one day to a world
in which you can.

A young girl moves to the seaside town of
Kumogaura. Wandering under dazzling
sun and ever-changing stars, she
searches for meaning in an item from her

The Other Side of the Clouds is a record
of hazy, dream-like days in the mysterious
little town by the sea. An atmospheric
snapshot into casual youth, blossoming
friendship, and the desire to travel.

To Mayowa and the many curious
individuals who find themselves drawn to
Kumogaura, each day might just be a
chance to explore and create memories,
experience new things in a new place, and
invoke an entire new language; one of
subtle, playful secret meanings tucked
hidden within the folds of everyday

Source: Glacier Bay BooksKickstarter campaign