Kishidashiki’s The Sword of the Titans Manga Listed to End With 3rd Volume – News

3rd volume slated for May 9 release

Image courtesy of Titan Comics

Book distributor Nippan‘s Hon no Hikidashi website lists the third compiled book volume of Kishidashiki The Sword of the Titans (Kyoshinki Senki) manga as the final volume for the series. The volume is slated for release on May 9.

Titan Manga publishes the series in English and describes the story:

For fans of epic fantasy and supernatural battles between gods and demons, this manga will take you on an epic quest, as the young boy Tsuchimaru acquires a powerful sword from a mysterious artisan and joins the gods to fight fiends himself!

In a time when gods and humans live and fight together the young boy Tsuchimaru was helpless, a mere child in the face of those mighty struggles… until a mysterious wandering artisan came with a sword they had forged and gifted it to the child, enabling him to take up arms in the titanic conflict!

The manga launched on Shinchosha‘s Kurage Bunch website in June 2022. Shinchosha published the manga’s second volume in June 2023.

Sources: Hon no Hikidashi, Honya Club