Kizuna Ai’s Voice Actress Kasuga Nozomi Steps Down From Advisor Role at Kizuna Ai Inc.

Kasuga Nozomi, the primary voice actress of the popular VTuber Kizuna Ai, has announced that she is resigning from her role as advisor from the Kizuna Ai Inc. company on March 31. In an announcement via the company’s official X (Twitter) account, they said that her resignation was due to the expiration of her contract with them.

I sincerely thank all our fans, partners, and staff for their support and encouragement. Thank you very much. The days I spent here were precious and significant in my life, and I believe your understanding and support made it possible for me to be here today. Although I am resigning, please be assured that I will continue supporting everything related to Kizuna AI. I hope you will continue supporting Kizuna AI Inc. Thank you very much.

Statement from Kasuga Nozomi on her resignation as advisor from Kizuna Ai Inc.

Takeshi Osaka, the founder of Activ8 Inc., the company behind Kizuna Ai, has also stated that while she is resigning from her advisor role, they still look forward to having her partake in voice work for them, albeit not specified if it’s for Kizuna Ai. She tweeted regarding this, stating that with her resignation from Kizuna Ai Inc., there is no information on whether the voice actress for the Vtuber will chang or not.

Since the start of Kizuna AI Inc., Kasuga-san has been more dedicated than anyone else to Kizuna AI, Kizuners, and Kizuna AI Inc. staff and talents. Kizuna AI Inc. could not be what it is today without Kasuga-san. Thank you very much. We will continue to support Kasuga-san’s activities from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to working with her as a voice provider in the future as well.

Statement from Takeshi Osaka, founder of Activ8

The voice behind Kizuna Ai was unknown since her first appearance in November 2016 until Kasuga Nozomi revealed in April 2020 that she was the voice for Kizuna Ai. Apart from this stint, she has voiced in minor roles for anime. She was previously affiliated with Clare Voice from 2018 to 2020 and then Swallow from July 2020 to March 2022. She has been a freelancer since April 2022.

Source: Kizuna Ai Inc. Official X (Twitter)