Kodansha’s 48th Manga Awards Nominees: Frieren, Oshi No Ko, Sign Of Affection, And More

Kodansha recently announced the nominees for their 48th annual manga awards. The nominees were revealed on April 8, 2024, and fall into three categories:

1. Best Shonen Manga
2. Best Shojo Manga
3. Best General Manga

Among the nominees are popular series like Oshi No Ko, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, and Sign of Affection. Fans are eagerly anticipating these series to potentially win in their respective categories. The winners will be announced by Kodansha on May 14, 2024, which falls on a Tuesday.

Here’s the complete list of nominees for Kodansha’s 48th manga awards.

In the category of Best General Manga, the nominees for Kodansha’s 48th manga awards are:

– Oshi No Ko by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari
– The Darwin Incident by Shun Umezawa
– Chiikawa by Nagano
– Nagatan to Ao to: Ichika no Ryoricho by Yuki Isoya
– Bokyo Taro by Yoshihiro Yamada
– Medalist by Tsurumaikada

These talented creators have been recognized for their outstanding work, and fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner on May 14, 2024.

In the category of Best Shojo Manga, the nominees for Kodansha’s 48th manga awards are:

– A Sign of Affection by Suu Morishita
– In the Clear Moonlit Dusk by Mika Yamamori
– I See Your Face, Turned Away by Rumi Ichinohe
– Firefly Wedding by Oreko Tachibana

These manga series have enchanted readers with their touching stories and beautiful art. The winner will be announced on May 14, 2024.

Last year, in 2023, the Kodansha Manga Awards honored exceptional manga:
– Best General Manga went to Skip and Loafer
– Best Shonen Manga was awarded to Shangri-La Frontier
– Best Shojo Manga was claimed by My Girlfriend’s Child

The Kodansha Manga Award, established in 1977 and hosted by Kodansha, holds a prestigious place in Japan’s vibrant manga industry. It celebrates the excellence of serialized manga in three main categories: shonen, shojo, and general.