Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 – The Gang Is Back

If I were to ask you what the biggest news of the moment is? What would you say? War on most continents? Maybe it’s that Russia is possibly behind Havana syndrome? Shark with frigging laser beams? No, nyet, and NO! It’s the return of Kazuma and the gang! And the feelings that came with KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Season 3 episode 1 were as intense as seeing a close friend after a few years apart.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 – The Bad Touch

PTSD is the definition of adding insult to injury. Think about it: Something horrible happened to you, and now you’re stuck with that trauma. Life’s all pain, no gain. Our gallant hero, Kazuma, knows this all too well. The poor lad thought he was on the precipice of greatness. Not only had he entered his popular phase, but the best years of his life had finally started. He and he alone was meant to be on top of the world.

But alas, life cares not for our whims and hopes. And Kazuma learned that the shaft of life can deliver quite the beating when you least expect it. And in his case, that metaphorical shaft was an actual shaft. A shaft attached to a hermaphroditic chimera, a shaft that went too far into his no-no square.

So, now he can’t sleep at night, gets night terrors when he does, and panics when someone stands behind him. Life is a cruel-hearted mistress. As he cruses the fact that he wanted cuddles and the Lord gave him struggles, he realizes that the only way to overcome his trials and tribulations is to accept god into his life. Which god? It doesn’t matter! All he needs is to become a monk, and his heart and soul will be filled with peace.

There’s No Shaft in Salvation

So, without a care in the world or a discussion with his party, as Konosuba season 3 episode 1 continues, our fearful leader heads off to join a monastery. But the road to salvation is as hard as Sylvia’s down-south mushroom. And that is not because of the journey or anything. But because he has to deal with Aqua’s bullying, and Megumin is blowing things up like she’s storming the beaches at Normandy.

But, after all, the commotion dies down, and the party winds down for the night. Kazuma is reminded that no matter how many breaths he takes and how many moves he makes, Sylvia’s always watching him. And that just doesn’t bode well for his mental health. So, he distances himself from those uncomfortable thoughts by wildly misrepresenting the deeds of his past life.

But as sleep escapes him, much like an affordable home escapes anyone under 50. He and Megumin relax in the warmth of a campfire. And as anyone who really understands what they’re looking at when they huddle around a campfire can tell you, When flames dance, hearts open.

Because of that, Kazutrash and Megumin are soon lost in deep conversation. And as Kazuma contemplates that maybe things aren’t that bad, he feels another type of warmth. The touch of affection. Now, since 99.99999999% of weebs have no idea what that is, you have to trust us when we say that it’s something that warms you way down to your soul. And Kazuma realizes it’s now or never; the time to make is upon him! But, before he even tries, he flubs it.

Money Buys Peace of Mind

As Konosuba Season 3 episode 1 continues, Kazuma is adamant that the only way to get the thought of Sylvia from his mind and the sensation of its pork steeple from his chair pair is to embrace a life of faith. So, Kazuma presses on towards the monastery. But, as they proceed, the party runs into more trouble, or at least so it would seem.

Sitting on a stump on the roadside, an injured maiden beckons the group for help. And while the Konosuba girls rush to answer her call, all we get from Kazuma is a “Cyka blyat!” After all, he knows it’s a trap. If a cute girl needs you, it’s always a trap. But even his heartstrings are eventually pulled as the group lets a known, dangerous monster go. But Kazuma, being the most intelligent person in the party and somehow, still having an IQ of 40, decides he can reason with the monster. So, he goes back to it. Only to see it mocking them and getting his heart broken once again.

But as he defeats the disguised monster, he gets a bit of unexpected luck. The corpse of an already consumed adventurer possesses a mallet. And not just any mallet—a mallet that gives the used gold coins whenever they’re used.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 11 shows that things are very rarely the same as they seem.

Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness was flawed at best and woefully ignorant at worst. If you’re living in modernity, money is the root of all happiness because money gives peace of mind, and without peace of mind, happiness is but a pipe dream. A season two of No Game No Life, if you would. And because of his newly acquired money maker, Kazuma manages to shove off the foul thoughts plaguing his mind. But as the party gets back to Axel. The magical mallet is stolen right from under their nose.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1: Wrap-Up

As Konosuba Season 3 episode 1 draws to a close, Kazuma and Aqua give into the sin of sloth. What they perceive to be trouble shows up at their door. But instead of further grief, a golden opportunity lands at their feet. A princess wishes to meet the great gender equality hero, Kazuma.

Konosuba is one of those rare titles that appreciates consistency. From day one, the voice acting and the animation do wonders to move the story along. Plus, it’s an added bonus that it brings so much laughter and, given the current state of worldly affairs, that’s something to be celebrated. And we at Anime Corner fully intend to celebrate!

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