KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 4

KonoSuba Season 3 episode 4 is out, and you know what that means! More laughs and more questionable behavior from Kazuma. With his plan of living a life of leisure at the palace thoroughly thwarted, he now finds himself as a guest in Lord Alderp’s home.

Birds of a Feather

People tend to say that people of similar personalities tend to get along, but the opposite is also true. If you meet someone a little bit too like you, you’re probably going to butt heads even if you’re kindred souls. As Kazuma wanders Lord Alderp’s mansion to scope out areas that may attract the mysterious thief, he comes across the pervy Alderp gazing up at a mirror that gives him a first-person view of his mansion’s home.

As KonoSuba Season 3 episode 4 begins, Kazuma realizes that Lord Alderp is trying to peep at Lalatina’s voluptuous body, and tells him to get it. He’ll stay in that room to keep his party safe from peeping eyes. Kazuma truly is a man of morals and convictions. But as Kazuma and Aldrep argue about who’s going to see what, Darkness overhears them and smashes the mirror.

They say hedonism leads to heart attacks, but so does working an honest 9–5, so one should always take the most enjoyable route in life. Aqua, Kazuma, and Megumin understand this sentiment. Lalatina does not. Despite Lord Alderp’s behavior against her party in the past, she still finds what her comrades are doing to be distasteful.

So, she apologizes to the Lord whenever they get out of hand. We at Anime Corner, and I especially, don’t kink shame. But when someone gets hot and bothered when cabbages slam into her, yet has a problem with her friends taking advantage of a rich snoot who probably got all his money by ripping off commoners — we’d tell her to check her priorities.

A Thief Lurks

As Kazutrash lurks around the mansion on his last night hoping to catch the unknown thief, to his luck, he comes across her. And true to form, because it is a “her.” He decides that it calls for a hands-on approach. When he does so, he realizes it’s Eris and immediately asks her to be quiet, leave, and not cause him any trouble. To which she responds by trying to get him into trouble.

But, after threatening her with a bad touch. Chris ties up Kazuma (at his request) and leaves. Aqua, upon finding Kazuma in this state, confesses all her sins, knowing he can’t hit back– fully showing that Aqua has a magical ability to convert intelligence into cuteness. Because unless Kazuma is tied for the rest of his life, he’s going to get you.

Yet, despite knowing that Aqua and her actions aren’t ones you should follow, Megumin torments Kazume while Darkness flan down his throat. And when I saw that, I couldn’t help but think, “People would pay a lot of money for that.” So, I paused the show, scrolled down to the comments, and smiled, knowing somewhere on this earth, someone thinks like me.

KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 4: Honey Traps, Sorties, and Wrap-Ups

After a light dressing down at the castle for failing to capture the thief, Kazuma has to say goodbye to the good life. But any hope for comfortable days is shot when Chris sneaks into his room. Assuming, that Eris is a pirate looking for some booty, he jumps on that opportunity.

But, alas, it was not a booty call. It was Chris’ way of trying to make him an accomplice in her crimes. After a lot of bickering, For the third time in 20 minutes, Kazutrash threatens the poor girl with handsy behavior. Chivalry is dead and buried at this point.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 4 made Chris suffer from beginning to end.

But Kazuma’s threat was effective, and Eris nopes out of his room. As Kazuma lays down for well-deserved rest, alarms start to blare, announcing that the Devil King’s army is on the offensive. Obviously, at first, Kazuma doesn’t want to go. But as Darkness tries to coerce Aqua into fighting and Megumin into behaving. He realizes that should he prove himself worthy, he too can wield a life of luxury.

Is there a show where the VAs have this much fun? The argument could be made that there are few. As we find ourselves close to the halfway mark for this season, the change of studios isn’t all that noticeable. And that’s a good thing. Any Minami-ke fan knows the pain of how bad a studio change can be, and so do the fans of other shows, but Studio Drive is doing the franchise justice. A few odd scenes are noticeable here and there, but nothing jarring. Overall, the show keeps and exceeds its minimum level of entertainment week after week.

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