Kurayukaba, Kuramerukagari Movies Get Their Final Trailers

The Kurayukaba and Kuramerukagari anime movies have each received a final trailer as they near their April 12 Japanese release date. 

The features are original movies created, directed, and written by Shigeyoshi Tsukahara. Kurayukaba is a mystery film, while Kuramerukagari is a “youth ensemble” story.

Their respective synopses are:


“Yes, Ootsuji Detective Agency.” In the purple smoke lies a faint dream, and in the town, rumors swirl like smoke. Now, facing the strangeness of the “mass disappearance” bewildering society, detective Soutarou confronts it! With no witnesses and unclear intentions, the identity of the “ominous tracks” that always appear in its footsteps… In search of clues, the detective delves into the underground realm of the town called ‘Kuragari.” There, the encounter with the black iron armored train and its commander, Tanne, will significantly shake the fate of the detective!


In the coal mining town crowded with small-scale miners, known as the “Hakoniwa,” there is a girl named Kagari who runs a map shop, and her childhood friend Yuya, who dreams of breaking free from the “Hakoniwa” and the ever-changing labyrinth-like tow.

Lately, suspicious “sinkhole accidents” occurring frequently in the town begin to encroach on their daily lives. Will Kagari be able to overcome this situation and determine the fate of the town? Beyond the challenges, the girl will grow up a bit today.

Kurayukaba received the Audience Award Gold Prize for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2023 Fantasia International Film Festival. Crunchyroll will stream both sometime this month.

Kurayukaba staff

• Character designer: Kazunori Minagawa (Macross Delta Zettai Live!!! co-sub character designer)
• Special effects director: maxcaffy 
• Art director: Kentarou Oonuki (Fate/strange Fake Whispers of Dawn co-art director)
• Music composer: Chota Akatsuki
• Animation production: Team OneOne

Kurayukaba cast

• Kanda Hakuzan as Sotaro
• Tomoyo Kurosawa as Tanne
• Yuu Serizawa as Saki
• Setsuji Satou as Command Team Leader
• Shou Karino as Matsui
 Raikou Sakamoto as Inarizaka

Kuramerukagari staff

• Scenario draft writer: Ryougo Narita (Durarara and Fate/strange Fake author)
• Animation production: Team OneOne

Kuramerukagari cast

• Ayane Sakura as Kagari
• Yuuki Sakakihara as Yuya
• Takao Ootsuka as Iseya
• Yoshimasa Hosoya as Eijima-ya
• Nanoko Mori as Shiina
• Aoi Yuuki as Ameya

Source: Press release