Kurt Angle’s WWE Return With Challenges And Retirement Reflections

Kurt Angle, a revered WWE veteran, has left an indelible mark on wrestling history. Nowadays, he spends time with his family, passionately watching his daughter follow in his footsteps, already heralding her as a future wrestling great.

Angle made a triumphant return to WWE in 2017 for his Hall of Fame induction and one last run in the ring. However, his expectations did not align with reality.

Kurt Angle (Credit: ESPN)

Unfulfilled Expectations and Wrestling Legacy

In a recent interview with Wrestling Life Online, Angle candidly discussed his final WWE run and the obstacles he faced upon his comeback. He expressed discontent with how WWE orchestrated his return, citing a disparity between their plans and his own vision.

Upon his return from an 11-year tenure in TNA, WWE’s initial focus was on inducting him into the Hall of Fame. Angle, however, believed that such an honor should be reserved for the culmination of his career, not its commencement.

He conveyed this sentiment to then-WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, emphasizing his desire to ensure peak performance before receiving such recognition.

Kurt Angle (Credit: ESPN)
Kurt Angle (Credit: ESPN)

Furthermore, Angle acknowledged that fans could perceive a difference in his wrestling prowess. He felt he was portraying an “old man” in the ring, a stark contrast to his prime years known for athleticism and skill.

Kurt Angle has made it clear that he has no intentions of returning to wrestling. Instead, he plans to focus on non-wrestling endeavors and cherished family time.