Lara Trump Asserts Victimhood Of Donald Trump Amid Election Claims

Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, ignited controversy by asserting his victimization claims, calling him the most maligned figure in history during an appearance on Newsmax.

Despite facing four criminal trials, she falsely declared Trump vindicated, attributing his troubles to misinformation campaigns.

Her statements coincide with the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) pivot towards promoting baseless election fraud allegations from the 2020 election, with Lara spearheading a robocall reaching 145,000 voters.

Lara Trump’s bold assertions about Trump’s victimization (Credits: Bloomberg)

The call echoes Trump’s narrative of widespread fraud, citing issues like unsecured ballot drop boxes and deceased voters on rolls.

The RNC’s leadership transition, marked by Lara’s co-chairmanship and Michael Whatley’s chairmanship, signals a tighter embrace of Trump’s rhetoric. Whatley vowed to focus on election integrity, aligning with Trump’s emphasis on voter fraud.

Lara’s ascent to the RNC’s top echelons suggests a focus on fundraising and media appearances, reinforcing the party’s loyalty to Trump’s agenda.

Despite internal discord signaled by former chair Ronna McDaniel‘s departure, Lara’s leadership was celebrated, hinting at a unified stance on Trump’s narrative.

RNC's shift towards promoting election fraud claims sparks controversy (Credits: CNN)
RNC’s shift towards promoting election fraud claims sparks controversy (Credits: CNN)

The RNC’s strategy shift under Lara’s leadership is underscored by Chris LaCivita’s appointment as chief of staff, tasked with aligning the committee with Trump’s campaign.

Lara emphasized financial scrutiny and election security as priorities, echoing Trump’s agenda. Amidst Lara’s assurances of Trump’s resilience and the RNC’s commitment to his narrative, skepticism lingers.

Whatley’s conflicting statements on the legitimacy of President Joe Biden‘s victory underscore the party’s balancing act between Trump’s claims and electoral reality.