Late Moon Bin’s Sister Moon Sua Returns with Gratitude: “Stronger And Ready To Resume Activities”

Moon Sua, known as “Late Moon Bin’s younger sister,” is set to resume her activities following a period of health-related hiatus. On April 12th, her agency Mystic Story confirmed her return, stating, “Moon Sua has significantly improved her health after focusing on rest and recovery. Based on her determination and medical advice, there are no obstacles to her returning to activities.”

Reconnecting with fans through Weverse, Moon Sua shared personal updates and gratitude, saying, “Belle’s, it’s been a while. During my break, I travelled nearby, met friends, enjoyed delicious food, and worked hard to regain my strength through workouts. I also cherished quiet moments, reflecting on the support from Belllie’ve.”

Moon Bin and Moon Sua’s childhood picture (Credits: @sua.billlie/Instagram)

Acknowledging her delayed return, Moon Sua expressed heartfelt appreciation, stating, “Initially, I felt pressured to return quickly, but I realized I needed to come back stronger. Thank you for trusting and waiting for me, even though it may have taken longer than expected.”

Looking ahead to the future, Moon Sua expressed excitement about rejoining Billie and building new memories together. She encouraged fans to stay healthy and happy as they step on this journey anew.

Moon Bin and Moon Sua (Credits: @sua.billlie/Instagram)

Moon Sua’s hiatus began following the passing of her older brother Moon Bin last year, and she previously took a break from activities in September due to health reasons. Now, with renewed strength and determination, Moon Sua is ready to embrace her role in Billie and create meaningful experiences with her dedicated supporters.