LE SSERAFIM’s Main Vocalist Huh Yun-Jin Criticized For Poor Live Singing Again

LE SSERAFIM’s main vocalist, Huh Yun-jin, received backlash for her live singing skills following a performance with MAX on March 30 at a music show in Seoul, Korea. The duo performed their collaborative track “Stupid In Love,” released in February, but Yun-jin’s rendition left many disappointed.

Despite her appealing visual presence, Huh Yun-jin’s live performance was met with criticism as her voice frequently cracked and sounded weak throughout the song. Netizens observed that MAX seemed to carry the stage, compensating for Yun-jin’s vocal shortcomings.

Videos of the performance circulated widely on social media, sparking mixed opinions and concerns about Yun-jin’s declining vocal abilities.

This incident is part of a larger trend where LE SSERAFIM, despite their popularity and achievements, has faced scrutiny over live singing performances.

Huh Yun-Jin (Credits: @jenaissante/Instagram)

Fans, especially in response to problematic encore stages, have expressed concerns about the group’s vocal performances. Some Korean netizens have suggested that HYBE, the group’s agency, should consider hiring a vocal teacher to address these issues.

The criticism extends beyond Huh Yun-jin to other members of LE SSERAFIM, particularly Sakura, who has also faced negative feedback regarding live singing. Observers point out that the agency’s oversight in vocal training could be impacting the group’s performances negatively.

Huh Yun-Jin is getting criticized for bad vocals (Credits: @jenaissante/Instagram)

As LE SSERAFIM continues to grow in popularity, the pressure to deliver exceptional live performances increases. Fans hope that the agency will take constructive steps to improve the group’s vocal skills and ensure that future performances meet expectations.

In response to the recent backlash, HYBE has not commented publicly on the vocal criticism or potential plans to address the concerns raised by fans and netizens.