Lee Jae Hoon’s Admission: Regrets of Agency Ownership

Actor Lee Jae Hoon expressed remorse over the creation of his personal agency. During the March 30th installment of Yoo Jae Suk’s YouTube talk show ‘Just an Excuse,’ Lee Jae Hoon appeared as a guest and candidly discussed his solo venture, Company On, established in June 2021.

The actor expressed,

 “After setting up a label, I’m working harder than ever. There are family members who are with me. I have to pay their salaries, and there are fixed payments that go to company rent, vehicle leases, and monthly utility bills.”

He continued,

“It’s so helpful to have actor Lee Dong Hwi in the label. I’m just grateful. I want to support him in everything.” Lee Dong Hwi then joked, “I think I should change my car out to something more fuel-efficient.”

Yoo Jae Suk also chimed in, saying,

“The difference between running an agency and belonging to one is heaven and earth. There are a lot of things you don’t think about.” 

Lee Jae Hoon regrets about starting his agency (Credit: YouTube)

Lee Jae Hoon added,

 “The amount of fixed costs per month increases as time goes by. It’s my third year, and it’s my concern. Labor costs are rising.”

When asked if he ever regretted setting up his own label, Lee Jae Hoon said,

“I do often. I had to work hard before actor Lee Dong Hwi came aboard. I wanted to rest and play because I’m a human being, but I still want to work hard. It’s for my family.”