Love Live Sunshine Aqours Flower Party Fair at Gamers Announced

If there’s something strange in your school, and it’s about to close, who are you gonna call? A school idol, of course! And some of the best school idols have a huge achievement to celebrate! In commemoration of Aqours’ 9 anniversary, Love Live Sunshine Aqours Flower Party Fair at Gamers stores has been announced. With both a mail order period and an in-store period which run from April 5 to June 30 and June 1 to June 30. Fans of the show can take the opportunity to get limited merch from their favorite idol.

Event-exclusive items feature the Aqours girls in beautiful floral patterned dresses, which will surely raise the blood pressure of any Aqours super fan. And for any purchase of either Love Live! Sunshine!! or Sunshine in the Mirror items that exceed ¥2000 (~ 13 USD) patrons will receive a free bromide and sticker. The following items will also be available for purchase at the event;

  • Acrylic Stands @ ¥ 1650 (~ 11 USD)
  • Tin Badges @ ¥ 550 (~ 3.6 USD)
  • A4 Clear Files @ ¥ 550 (~ 3.6 USD)
  • Event T-shirt @ ¥ 3850 (~ 25 USD)
  • Acrylic Key Chain @ ¥ 800 (~ 5.2 USD)
  • A3 Matte Poster @ ¥ 900 (~ 5.9 USD)

Counting with two seasons, a movie, OVA, spin-off, and multimedia appearances, Love Live! Sunshine!! focuses on the school idol club of Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy as they try to live up to the feats of their idols by saving their school from closing. But they soon realize that their goal, and the way they chose to do it is way harder than they thought. And if you found their story moving and you’re missing the Aqours girls, stop by the Love Live Sunshine Aqours Flower Party Fair at Gamers.

Source: Official Love Live Website
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