Lovely Runner Episode 4 Review: Im Sol Finds Out Who Saved Her

Ryu Seon Jae shines like a bright star, wowing everyone with his amazing talent since he first started performing. But even though he seems like he has it all, Ryu Seon Jae secretly feels tired from all the pressures of being a celebrity. On the other side, there’s Im Sol, who really looks up to Ryu Seon Jae.

Im Sol had a tough time growing up because of an accident that stopped her from following her own dreams. But she found solace in Ryu Seon Jae’s music and became his biggest fan. Then, something really sad happens: Im Sol learns that Ryu Seon Jae has passed away suddenly. But just when things seem hopeless, something incredible occurs: Im Sol goes back in time, 15 years into the past.

Now, Im Sol has a chance to meet Ryu Seon Jae when he was still in high school. She’s determined to change his future and stop the terrible thing that happened to him. But it won’t be easy—Im Sol faces lots of obstacles as she tries to rewrite history and save the life of the idol she admires so much.

Im Sol finds out about her savior (Credits: tvN)

Lovely Runner Episode 4 Recap

In Episode 4 of Lovely Runner, Im Sol finally discovers the person who saved her after her accident. Despite not recognizing him at first, memories flood back when they exchange gifts at a concert. However, her happiness turns to shock when she wakes up in 2023 to the news of Sung-jae’s passing.

Overwhelmed with guilt, she attempts to time travel to save him but realizes she can only do so at midnight. Returning to 2008, she meets Sung-jae again, but he seems distant and unwelcoming, leaving Im Sol puzzled about their relationship.

Meanwhile, tensions escalate among Im Sol’s friends as Bok-soon and Geun-deok argue over a DVD, while Hyun-joo faces stress from Im Geum regarding his tooth. Im Sol finds herself caught between defending Sung-jae from a bully and clashing with Ga-hyun over Tae-sung. Amidst the chaos, she learns about Sung-jae and In-hyuk’s audition plans and rushes to stop Sung-jae but encounters several obstacles along the way.

Lovely Runner Episode 4 Review: Im Sol Finds Out Who Saved Her
Im Sol and Seon Jae (Credits: tvN)

Despite stumbling downstairs and getting into a confrontation with a stranger, Sung-jae comes to Im Sol’s rescue when she falls into the water. As Im Sol recalls Sung-jae as her savior, she embraces him with gratitude and relief, reflecting on the emotions stirred by their unexpected encounter.

Lovely Runner Episode 4 Review

In this episode, Im Sol faces the realization that she only has two chances left to travel back in time. With the pressure mounting, she decides to prioritize her relationship with Sung-jae over Tae-sung, despite their potential for friendship amidst Tae-sung’s family struggles.

As Im Sol’s memories before her accident resurface, she gains a deeper understanding of Sung-jae’s enduring love for her, shedding light on the problems of their past interactions. Meanwhile anticipation builds for Hyun-woo and Im Geum’s budding romance, offering a glimpse of lightheartedness in the midst of the romantic chaos.