Matt Hardy Considers his Possible Appearance in Wrestlemania 40 with Jeff Hardy

As his contract comes to an end, Matt Hardy—who is well-known for his incredible wrestling career that has spanned multiple promotions—hinted at a possible cameo at WrestleMania.

Matt Hardy (Credit: ESPN)

Hardy’s contract initially matched that of his brother Jeff, who joined AEW in March 2020, which fueled rumors of their joint relocation. But because of things like injuries, their contracts didn’t line up exactly as planned, which is how Matt got his extension.

Matt Hardy just verified that his contract was, in fact, scheduled to end in March of this year. Hardy talked about the prospect of going back to WWE for WrestleMania 40, particularly for a tag team ladder match, in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

Hardy underlined the unpredictable nature of wrestling while expressing delight at fan conjecture, saying, “never say never.” He acknowledged the excitement that fans feel about their possible comeback and expressed gratitude for the hype surrounding it.

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy (Credit: ESPN)

Even though Hardy says he’s not retiring and has been offered a new contract, his future at AEW is still up in the air. The Hardy brothers’ potential surprise entrance at WrestleMania 40 is highly anticipated by fans.