Memory In The Letter: Streaming Guide & Episode Schedule

WeTV’s Memory In The Letter is a fantasy romance BL starring Parky, Beck and Can in the lead roles. When Aksorn (Beck) moves into his new dormitory, he discovers something extraordinary—a guy living inside the mirror in his bedroom. Intrigued and bewildered by this unexpected encounter, Aksorn begins to unravel the mystery surrounding the mysterious figure.

Aksorn stumbles upon a novel that uncannily mirrors his own experiences with the person in the mirror. This novel, uploaded on a website, raises questions about its authorship and the connection between the fictional tale and Aksorn’s reality.

With the discovery of the novel, Aksorn is left wondering if the author of the story could be the same person residing within the mirror. As Aksorn contemplates the parallels between his own life and the narrative within the novel, he becomes determined to find out the truth behind the mysterious author known as Songjam.

However, faced with the challenge of bridging the gap between their two worlds, Aksorn is left wondering whether it is possible for them to meet face-to-face in person. With each passing day, Aksorn inches closer to finding out the truth behind the mysterious authorship of the novel.

Aksorn moves into a new dorm (Credits: WeTV)

Memory In The Letter Episode Schedule

Memory In The Letter will be coming out with all new episodes on Saturdays, with each episode lasting for a total of 21-25 minutes. The first season of this Channel 9 show will be having around 6 episodes. 

  • Episode 1: April 6th, 2024
  • Episode 2: April 13th, 2024
  • Episode 3: April 20th, 2024
  • Episode 4: April 27th, 2024
  • Episode 5: May 4th, 2024
  • Episode 6: May 11th, 2024
Memory In The Letter: Streaming Guide & Episode Schedule
Aksorn and his mirror friend (Credits: WeTV)

Memory In The Letter Trailer

Memory In The Letter Streaming Guide

This Vasin Samanyakul directed show will be coming out with new episodes at 10:00 PM for viewers from Thailand. Featuring the talented cast of Parky, Beck, and Can, these thrilling episodes will be accessible for streaming on both Channel 9 and We TV. Release schedules for other countries are detailed below for global fans to enjoy.

  • USA (Eastern Standard Time): 11:00 AM, Saturdays
  • Canada (Eastern Standard Time): 11:00 AM, Saturdays
  • Australia (Australian Eastern Standard Time): 2:00 AM, Sundays
  • Germany (Central European Time): 5:00 PM, Saturdays
  • UK (Greenwich Mean Time): 4:00 PM, Saturdays