MJF Says The Rock Purchased Art From An Ex-Lover and Took His Ideas

MJF, who hasn’t been on social media since Worlds End because of an injury, made a stunning comeback. MJF accuses The Rock harshly on social media, breaking his quiet. The Rock stirs up controversy by imitating MJF’s previous behavior in his RAW appearance.

The Rock (Credit: ESPN)

A Twitter spat over taken artwork and ideas breaks out between MJF and The Rock.MJF vented his concerns on Twitter, accusing The Rock of copying. The Rock’s RAW appearance, wearing Cody Rhodes’ belt, echoed earlier acts by MJF, intensifying the rivalry.

The Rock commissioned a painting by MJF’s ex-fiance, which featured him and a bleeding Cody Rhodes, adding to the tension. MJF blasted The Rock for his behavior and demanded to be left alone in a harsh tweet.

MIJ (Credit: ESPN)

Even though MJF has returned to social media, there is still uncertainty around his TV homecoming with AEW, which has fans wondering if he and The Rock would square off.