Moon Ga Young Sets Sights on New Agency as Free Agent

Moon Ga-young, renowned for her acting prowess and sought-after as a global luxury brand model, is embarking on a quest to find an agency that can fully leverage her diverse talents.

As her contract with KeyEast approaches renewal, Ga-young has opted not to extend it, preferring to explore fresh opportunities that promise to propel her already stellar career to greater heights.

Moon Ga-young (Credit: Soompi)

In an exclusive discussion, a trusted confidant of Moon Ga-young revealed that despite the option to renew with KeyEast, the decision was made to part ways.

The search for a new agency is slated to commence this month, with careful consideration of Ga-young’s hectic schedule, which includes commitments to overseas shooting projects.

The decision, they emphasized, is a significant one for Ga-young, highlighting the importance of this transition in her professional journey.

“2024 is shaping up to be a defining year for Ga-young,” the associate elaborates, underscoring her aspirations to expand her acting portfolio.

Ga-young is in search of an agency that can cater to her multifaceted requirements and promote transparent communication.

Moon Ga-young (Credit: YouTube)

Ga-young’s recent career trajectory has been exceptional. She earned praise as the ‘RomCom Queen’ for her performance in the 2020 tvN drama ‘True Beauty,’ which enjoyed immense popularity in Taiwan and Hong Kong, solidifying her position as a prominent young actress in the Chinese-speaking sphere.

Her role in the 2022 JTBC drama ‘Understanding of Love’ highlighted her versatility, offering a moment into the depth of her acting capabilities.

In addition to her dynamic acting career, Ga-young recently ventured into writing, releasing her debut collection of essays titled ‘Pata.’ This expansion into literature showcases her creativity and further broadens her artistic horizon.

An industry insider lauded Ga-young’s diverse talent, hailing her as a modern-day actor in the MZ era who has attracted the attention of numerous agencies, particularly after gaining Free Agent (FA) status.

They express optimism that Ga-young discovers an agency capable of maximizing her potential, especially for international ventures, which were previously constrained by the COVID-19 pandemic.