My Hero Academia: You’re Next Announces Release Date Alongside New Trailer

Excitement is building as My Hero Academia’s fourth movie, “My Hero Academia: You’re Next,” gears up for release, with a new trailer announcement on the horizon. As fans eagerly anticipate the anime’s return for Season 7, they’ll soon be treated to a glimpse of the upcoming film.

“My Hero Academia: You’re Next” is poised to hit theaters in Japan later this Summer, adding to the franchise’s already impressive lineup. Despite limited details since its initial announcement, the film promises to grab audiences with its new story.

The next trailer for “My Hero Academia: You’re Next” is scheduled to drop on April 6th, coinciding with the premiere of special recap episodes. These episodes aim to bring fans up to speed on the series’ first six seasons, setting the stage for Season 7’s highly anticipated debut on May 4th.

My Hero Academia You’re Next Full Poster (Credits: Studio Bones)

What Is My Hero Academia: You’re Next?

Set to release in Japan on August 2nd, “My Hero Academia: You’re Next” has yet to announce a United States release date.

The film boasts series creator Kohei Horikoshi as supervisor and new character designer, with Tensai Okamura directing for studio Bones.

My Hero Academia: You're Next Announces Release Date With New Trailer
Bakugo in My Hero Academia You’re Next (Credits: Studio Bones)

Returning talent includes Yosuke Kuroda writing the script, Yoshihiko Umakoshi providing character designs, and Yuki Hayashi composing the music.

While details about the plot remain under wraps, Horikoshi teased the film’s setting as post-War from Season 6, hinting at a stage amidst a collapsed society. With Deku and his friends facing new challenges, fans can anticipate thrilling action and heartfelt moments in “My Hero Academia: You’re Next.”