Naruto Fans Start Campaign to Cast Sydney Sweeney as Tsunade in Live-Action Film

Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto, stands as one of the best in manga and anime history. A cornerstone of the “Big Three” alongside Bleach and One Piece, Naruto’s enduring popularity has led to the announcement of a live-action adaptation by Lionsgate.

Despite being in its early stages, fans are already speculating about potential casting choices.

An online campaign has emerged pushing for Sydney Sweeney, a prominent actress known for her recent role in Madam Web, to portray Tsunade, a beloved character in the Naruto universe. However, this suggestion has stirred controversy.

While Sweeney has proven her capabilities in similar genres, such as her recent venture in Madam Web, the role of Tsunade presents unique challenges.

Tsunade is a multifaceted character with a wealth of experience, and her portrayal is pivotal to the success of any adaptation. Casting decisions must be meticulously considered, especially given Tsunade’s iconic status.

Tsunade (Credits: Pierrot)

Tsunade’s age is a crucial factor. In the Shippuden series, she is depicted as approximately 55 years old, suggesting she was around 50 in the original Naruto series. Sweeney, at 26, falls significantly short of Tsunade’s age.

While technology can enhance appearances, casting a significantly younger actress may compromise the authenticity of Tsunade’s character.

Although physical resemblance may have sparked the campaign for Sweeney, it’s essential to recognize the disparities between anime and live-action adaptations. While characters in anime may not always reflect their age in appearance, this distinction becomes more apparent in live-action formats.

Tsunade and Sydney Sweeney

Tsunade’s character demands depth and maturity, qualities that may be challenging for a younger actress to convey convincingly. While Sweeney may excel in other roles within the Naruto franchise, Tsunade’s character requires a nuanced portrayal that aligns with her age and experiences.

Fans Reaction to This:

The campaign advocating for Sweeney’s casting as Tsunade should reconsider its approach. Instead of focusing solely on physical resemblance, it’s crucial to prioritize authenticity and suitability for the role.

Finding alternative casting choices that align more closely with Tsunade’s character traits and age would likely yield a more successful adaptation.