Natalya Says She Wants To Compete In Bloodsports

Since 2008, Natalya has been a constant in the women’s division of WWE, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to the sport of wrestling. Her desire to compete at Josh Barnett’s unique event, Bloodsport, which stars Shayna Baszler, emphasizes the possibility of a crossover between WWE and independent wrestling.

It was unexpected to learn that WWE talent would be taking part in Bloodsport, considering WWE’s wary stance toward independent shows. Wrestling circles are intrigued by this unexpected development, especially in light of AEW performers’ prior participation in Bloodsport events.

Natalya Neidhart (Credit: ESPN)

Natalya’s WrestleMania Weekend

Natalya praised WWE President Nick Khan for his supporting attitude toward the wrestling industry in an interview with Fightful. She highlighted the spirit of cooperation and friendship that pervaded WrestleMania weekend, highlighting Khan’s contribution to the growth of the business.

There was no denying Natalya’s passion for the wrestling world as she talked about seeing old friends and seeing Khan stand by Baszler and Barnett at Bloodsport X. Her words are indicative of a larger attitude of respect and unity among the wrestling community.

Natalya Neidhart (Credit: ESPN)
Natalya Neidhart (Credit: ESPN)

Shayna Baszler’s decisive victory against Masha Slamovich at Bloodsport X demonstrated the possibility of WWE continuing to work with events such as Bloodsport. Thanks to Baszler’s success, WWE talent may have more chances to try wrestling outside of the traditional ring.