New Permanent Monster Hunter Café Opens in Osaka – Interest

Following several pop-up cafés throughout the years, CAPCOM and Pasela’s “Hunters Bar” (MonHun Sakaba) has finally opened a permanent café in Osaka titled “Hunters Bar WEST.” The café opened on March 1 in Osaka’s Namba district. In fact, it’s in the same building as the Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Café!

Photo by Matt Hodgkins

So what does the new café have to offer? A lot of fun drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and a unique rewards system, along with some nostalgic food.

All who go to the café get a free random coaster upon being seated. Most themed cafés in Japan give you a coaster for every drink or food item you order, but this café is a little different.

For every 1,000 yen (about US$6.60) you spend on food and drinks, you accumulate one point. And there is a little menu by the register where you can look through what kind of rewards you can spend your points on, from acrylic stands to trading cards for one point each to a stainless steel tumbler for nine points.

There’s also an area by the entrance where customers can choose a card from the various recent games in the franchise and fill out the card with their Hunter Name, game platform, and weapon of choice.

Photo by Matt Hodgkins

The inside has screens playing trailers as well as various Monster Hunter paraphernalia and posters.

Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Photo by Matt Hodgkins

Even the restroom sign is decorated.

Photo by Crystalyn Hodgkins

But let’s not forget about the food and drink! There are some special menu items only found at the Osaka café (there is also a permanent café in Tokyo) as well as staple items. Some of these include:

Hangout with Iori’s Buddies (left) and Rajang Gold Lion Sour (right, alcoholic)
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Safi’jiva, ‘King’s drop pancakes’ (with accompanying neon blue syrup)
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Expertly Cooked Bone-in Meat
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Potato salad of Fluffy Kuina
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Alatreon Citrus Soda (left) and Nergigante’s Original Drink (right)
Photo by Matt Hodgkins
Felyne Celebration Cake (this had to be ordered before the day of the reservation and could be customized with a message)
Photo by Matt Hodgkins

Aside from the merchandise you can earn through points, the café also sells wooden sake containers, mugs, plush toys, and more.

Image via PR Times

The café is also located in one of Osaka’s most popular tourist spots: Dotonbori. Reservations are not necessary, but based on experience are encouraged. The websites for both cafés in Tokyo and Osaka are available in English, as is the menu at the cafés themselves.

CAPCOM is currently developing the next big entry in the franchise, Monster Hunter Wilds. The game is slated to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam in 2025. Here’s hoping the new café (and the one in Tokyo) feature some new menu items an goods for the game’s release.