New Season of Boys Idol Anime UniteUp! -Uni:Birth- Set for January 2025

UniteUp!, the anime adaptation of the boys idol-themed mixed media franchise, is set to make its return to Japanese television screens in January 2025 with its second season titled UniteUp! -Uni:Birth-.

The announcement of the new season was accompanied by the release of a teaser video and visual showcasing what fans can expect.

Under the direction of Shinichiro Ushijima, the UniteUp! TV anime will continue its journey with animation studio CloverWorks at the helm.

Character designs for the series are crafted by Majiro, with additional assistance from Hidekazu Yamana and Rebin Aoi, while the music is composed by Yuki Hayashi and Naoyuki Chikatani. Fans can currently catch up on the previous season through Crunchyroll’s streaming platform.

UniteUp! -Uni:Birth Teaser Visual

Boys Idol Anime UniteUp (credits: Crunchyroll)

The newly revealed teaser visual for UniteUp! -Uni:Birth- depicts the members of the boy band enjoying a playful moment on a sunny day in a wooded glade surrounded by a playground, with the city skyline visible in the distance through the trees.

UniteUp! -Uni:Birth- continues the story of Akira Kiyose, a high school student with a passion for singing. Initially known as the internet singer “KIKUNOYU,” Akira’s talent catches the attention of the entertainment agency “sMiLea Production,” leading to his recruitment.

Together with fellow recruits Banri Naoe and Chihiro Isuzugawa, Akira embarks on a journey to fulfill their dreams of becoming idols under the mentorship of the legendary idol duo “Anela,” who founded the agency. Inspired by idols such as “LEGIT” and “JAXX/JAXX” within the same agency, the trio is determined to make their mark in the industry with their unique perspectives and aspirations.