New Spice and Wolf Holo Figure Annoucned by FuRyu

They say the more you love something, the more willing you are to spend money on it. And with the newly announced Spice and Wolf Holo figure by FuRyu, you can show your love for her by emptying your bank account! Sculpted by Jyuho Heian and Moineau, the Yoshitoku x F:NEX 1/4 scale figure (approximately 17 inches, or 41 centimeters) will cost you approximately $1,300-$1,400 (depending on the pre-order site). Estimated to ship sometime in April 2025, the figure falls squarely into the category of “need.” While that’s more than the monthly salary of at least 56 countries, can you really put a price on your waifu?

Spice & Wolf is a masterclass in storytelling. Broaching taboo topics such as religious colonialism, non-standard romances, and economics, Spice and Wolf is one of those shows that everyone should watch at least once. And right now you can binge the original show and watch the remake on Crunchyroll. Hopefully, with that binge, you fall even more in love with Holo and order your very own Holo figure.

Newly Announced FuRyu Yoshitoku Holo figure front view

Through a stroke of luck, as the traveling merchant Lawrence passes through the village of Pasloe, the circumstances of his belongings and cargo let a strange visitor hitch a ride on his carriage. When he discovers he’s not alone, he confronts the strange woman in his cart, believing her to be a ruffian. To his disbelief, he’s faced by the town’s guardian deity—Holo the Wise Wolf.

But through the power of friendship conversation, an understanding is reached. Lawrence will help Holo return to her northern home. And she will help him make a pretty penny. But while their partnership is initially a professional one. The flowers of love soon begin to bud between the two.

Spice and Wolf (2024) is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and is available in both subbed and English dub. The new Spice and Wolf Holo figure by FuRyu will begin shipping in April 2025.

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