New York Jets Reveal ‘Legacy Collection’ Uniforms

The New York Jets revealed their new uniforms on Monday, marking the second uniform overhaul in five years for the team. Dubbed the “legacy collection,” the new uniforms pay homage to the Jets’ “Sack Exchange” era, which spanned from 1979 to 1989.

Jets president Hymie Elhai explained that the decision to revamp the uniforms was driven by a desire to honor the team’s history and to deliver a fresh, modern look for players and fans alike.

Elhai emphasized the organization’s commitment to progress and innovation, stating that the refreshed uniforms embody the unity and timeless essence of the Sack Exchange era while empowering players and fans to connect with the team’s heritage.

Jets owner Woody Johnson shared images on social media showcasing the various combinations of the new uniforms. He acknowledged the criticism received for the previous uniform design and emphasized that the team prioritized fan feedback in creating the new look.

New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson (Credits: Getty Images)

New York Jets Reveal Refreshed Uniforms, Embracing Tradition with a Modern Twist

“We work for the fans,” Johnson stated. “They have consistently asked for us to return to our roots, and we heard them. The new uniforms are explicitly designed to look and feel like the New York Jets while refreshing the club’s iconic logo, viewed by fans as our most identifiable mark.”

The revealing of the new uniforms signifies the Jets’ dedication to honoring their legacy while embracing a fresh identity for the future. The New York Jets have introduced their new uniform combinations, showcasing four variations that players will wear during the upcoming season.

The new white uniforms bear a resemblance to the throwback jerseys worn last season, with the addition of the option to pair them with green pants, a change from the previous season where they were only worn with white pants.

New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson (Credits: Getty Images)

New York Jets Launch New Uniforms, Rekindling Fan Excitement and Embracing Versatility

Retaining the black helmet introduced before the 2022 season, the Jets now have the flexibility to choose between a black or green helmet for each game. In a video featuring Jets stars like Aaron Rodgers and Sauce Gardner, fans got a closer look at the new uniforms as players modeled them.

With the introduction of the new uniforms, the Jets bid farewell to their previous design, which elicited widespread dislike from fans after its release in April 2019. Despite being revealed just hours ago, the new uniforms have garnered a positive reception from NFL fans, who seem to appreciate the updated look.

New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson (Credits: Getty Images)

The Jets are among four teams set to debut new uniforms ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft on April 25. The Lions (April 8), Broncos (April 22), and Texans (April 23) are also scheduled to reveal their new designs within the next eight days.