NewJeans Receives Official Permission for MV Filming in Taiwan Amid Controversy

In response to the recent controversy surrounding the MV filming of NewJeans in Taiwan, ADOR has issued an official statement clarifying the situation. On March 1st, the company refuted rumors of overusing power and causing a nuisance during the shoot, affirming that they had obtained official permission from Taiwanese authorities for the filming.

According to ADOR, the filming was conducted in the permitted scope, with authorization from both the city hall and the local police in Taiwan. Addressing allegations of staff misconduct, ADOR emphasized that there were no instances of staff shouting or disrespecting citizens at the filming site.

Additionally, any requests made to individuals taking photos of the designated filming area were done so politely, and the cooperation of those involved was acknowledged.

NewJeans (Credits: ADOR)

The controversy arose after Taiwanese media outlet ‘ETtoday’ reported unauthorized filming and mobile phone inspections by NewJeans during the shoot. These claims were based on misinformation circulated on Taiwan’s anonymous community site, PTT. Despite the false nature of the allegations, NewJeans faced criticism from Taiwanese netizens.

Amidst the controversy, NewJeans remains focused on their upcoming album release, titled “How Sweet,” scheduled for May 24th. Despite the challenges posed by the recent backlash, the group is committed to delivering their music to fans and continuing their artistic endeavours.