Nikki Bella’s Wrestling Journey: Family, Considerations, And Future Prospects

Nikki Bella has been a formidable presence in both wrestling and entertainment, alongside her twin sister Brie, collectively known as the Bella Twins in WWE. Their impact extended beyond the ring, with ventures into reality TV, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

However, Nikki’s wrestling career faced an abrupt halt due to neck and spine issues in 2018. After their contracts expired in 2023, both sisters departed WWE to explore new opportunities and focus on family life.

Nikki Bella (Credit: ESPN)

Tony Khan’s Opinion

In a candid episode of their podcast, Nikki disclosed contemplating a potential move to WWE’s rival promotion, AEW. However, she ultimately prioritized her family and son over her wrestling aspirations, deciding against approaching AEW President and CEO Tony Khan.

While Nikki chose to delay any wrestling decisions, she hinted at a possible return alongside Brie in the future, once their son Matteo is older, feeling they have one more run left in them.

Recently, during a conversation on the Battleground Podcast with Tim Battle and Eli, Tony Khan expressed his enthusiasm about the prospect of signing Nikki Bella to AEW. He spoke highly of Nikki and Brie, considering them a part of his extended family due to their connection with Bryan, Nikki’s partner.

Tony Khan (Credit: ESPN)
Tony Khan (Credit: ESPN)

Khan believed that the Garcia Twins would bring substantial value to AEW if they decided to join in the future, expressing his admiration for both sisters and extending a warm welcome.

While Nikki Bella’s return to wrestling remains uncertain for now, the possibility of seeing the Fearless One alongside Brie Bella for another fasciating run in professional wrestling continues to intrigue fans and industry insiders alike.