On WWE Smackdown, The Rock’s Private exchange with Cody Rhodes was Revealed

The latest WWE feud between Cody Rhodes and The Bloodline—led by Roman Reigns and The Rock—has drawn a lot of interest from fans all over the world. Fans’ support for Rhodes, which challenged The Rock and Reigns’ dominance, sparked the fierce rivalry.

When Rhodes disclosed his plans for WrestleMania on February 2 during SmackDown, he later withdrew, allowing The Rock to face Reigns in his place.

Cody Rhodes vs The Rock (Credit: ESPN)

But The Rock’s whispered remarks to Rhodes alluded to a larger scheme, which was made public in Part 1 of his mini-documentary, in which he declared his goal to produce the most extravagant WrestleMania ever.

Due to the unanticipated course of events and the ensuing anger from the public, WWE positioned The Rock with Reigns and The Bloodline and transformed him into a strong villain.

The Rock brutally attacked Rhodes on RAW in a startling act of aggression, which prepared the audience for a dramatic confrontation between him and Reigns.

The Rock
The Rock (Credit: ESPN)

The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Rhodes are expected to engage in a heated altercation on the forthcoming RAW, which will heighten the suspense over WrestleMania weekend.