One Piece Is Rumored To Get A Collaboration With Fortnite

After years of fans hoping for it to happen, there are now credible signs that a collaboration between the popular battle royale game Fortnite and the iconic anime/manga series One Piece is in development.

The leaks come from known video game insiders Shpeshal_Nick and Xboxera who have previously accurately revealed other upcoming Fortnite crossovers before they were officially announced.

A Still From One Piece Odyssey (Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Additional Fortnite leakers and data miners like ShiinaBR, iFireMonkey, and Hypex have also hinted at the One Piece crossover on social media.

Though exact details remain unclear, the scale of the collaboration is expected to be substantial given the massive global popularity of One Piece. Epic Games has gone all out on previous crossover events for well-known franchises, so they likely aim to do the same here to excite fans.

While fans eagerly await more concrete information, the reports from trusted sources in the gaming industry suggest that after years of hoping, the long-rumored Fortnite and One Piece crossover may soon become a reality.

Potential One Piece and Fortnite Crossover

While full details on the rumored Fortnite and One Piece crossover are still unknown, some predictions can be made about what it might involve based on how Epic Games has handled major anime collaborations in the past.

A Still From One Piece Odyssey (Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Given the sheer global popularity and influence of the One Piece series, Epic will likely aim to make this an especially ambitious crossover event. There will probably be new One Piece-themed cosmetic items and skins for various characters made available in the item shop.

Significant characters like Monkey D. Luffy could also appear as interactive NPCs on the Fortnite map for players to meet and get quests from.

A Still From One Piece Odyssey (Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

With One Piece being such a unique anime property, it would be exciting to see signature elements from the series incorporated into Fortnite’s weapons and abilities as well.

Hearing Luffy’s infamous “Gum-Gum Pistol” battle cry ring out amidst a hectic match while stretching out a punch to hit opponents would be quite hilarious and fun.

A Still From One Piece Odyssey (Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

There is also a strong chance that a new One Piece-themed landmark or named location could be added to the map, perhaps a recreation of the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship – The Going Merry.

A Still From One Piece Odyssey (Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

This would be similar to how Spider-Man’s Daily Bugle building was added during the Marvel crossover.

Fortnite Exciting Collaborations on the Horizon

Aside from the rumored One Piece crossover, the leaks from reputable gaming insiders Shpeshal_Nick and Xboxera indicate that several other high-profile collaborations are in development for Fortnite.

The list of additional franchises they claim are planned for integration includes both newer pop culture properties and beloved classic series:

  • Avatar – Potentially coinciding with the long-awaited sequels on the horizon
  • Spider-Man additions like Doc Ock
  • Final Fantasy – An iconic video game franchise
  • Masters of the Universe with He-Man characters
  • DC’s recent Peacemaker series
  • Marvel’s Fantastic Four
  • DC’s Robin
  • Magneto and Cyclops of the X-Men

Many of these possible crossovers have been rumored or requested by fans previously. So while full details remain unknown, the Fortnite community has reacted with enthusiasm about the possibilities.

When To Expect One Piece X Fortnite

While these new Fortnite leaks offer the first concrete signs that a One Piece crossover really is in development after years of rumors, determining an exact timeline for when it could launch remains challenging.

A Still From One Piece Odyssey (Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Past examples like the recently debuted Family Guy collaboration with Peter Griffin show that some leaked crossovers can take well over a year to finally materialize in-game.

However, whispers of a potential One Piece crossover have persisted in the community since all the way back in Chapter 2 Season 8.

A Still From One Piece Odyssey (Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Given that this latest leak comes from proven insiders who correctly revealed other major collaborations ahead of their surprise launches, there is a chance this long-requested anime mashup could manifest sooner than the years it took for Family Guy.

Though the exact timing is still up in the air, some optimistic fans speculate the One Piece collaboration could happen before the end of the currently running Chapter 5 season.

A Still From One Piece Odyssey (Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

But for now, all players can do is wait eagerly for more concrete details to emerge from Epic Games on when exactly they can finally expect to see Luffy, Zoro, and the Straw Hat crew arrive on the island.