Palm Royale’s Shocking Secrets: The Linda Rollins Saga Unraveled

In a whirlwind of betrayal and intrigue, Apple TV+’s period comedy “Palm Royale” took viewers on a rollercoaster ride with its recent episodes, particularly focusing on the enigmatic Linda Rollins.

Led by the comedic genius of Kristen Wiig as Maxine Dellacorte Simmons, the series goes deep into the high society drama of Palm Beach, inspired by Juliet McDaniel’s book “Mr. and Mrs. American Pie.”

Created by Abe Sylvia, known for his work on “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” and “Dead To Me,” “Palm Royale” boasts an ensemble cast featuring Allison Janney, Laura Dern, Josh Lucas, Leslie Bibb, Ricky Martin, Carol Burnett, and more.

The Palm Royale (Credit: Apple TV)

With Wiig at the helm, the show has drawn comparisons to the hit series “The White Lotus,” thanks to its stellar cast, compelling characters, and intriguing storylines.

Douglas & Linda Were Engaged

As the series unfolds, the spotlight turns to Laura Dern’s character, Linda Rollins, previously known as Penelope, a newfound friend of Maxine’s. Unlike Maxine’s relentless pursuit of Palm Beach’s elite circles, Linda seems uninterested in the trappings of high society despite being born into it. Yet, beneath her calm exterior lies a past shrouded in mystery.

Maxine’s initial encounter with Linda in Palm Beach leads to an unexpected friendship, revealing Linda’s former life as Penelope Rollins, daughter of the wealthy Skeet Rollins and stepdaughter to socialite Evelyn Rollins. However, the truth of Linda’s past in “Palm Royale” takes a shocking turn in the series’ third episode.

A startling revelation unfolds when Maxine discovers an old invitation to Penelope/Linda’s wedding to her current husband, Douglas Dellacorte Simmons. Through conversations with Douglas, Evelyn, and Linda herself, Maxine uncovers a web of deceit and tragedy surrounding the ill-fated engagement.

It is revealed that Linda and Douglas’s engagement, forged years ago, was not born of love but as a strategic move to unite the prestigious Dellacorte and Rollins families. The wedding day, marked by tragedy, ended in Linda accidentally shooting her own father, leading to a lifetime of guilt and secrecy.

While Douglas never reciprocated Linda’s feelings, she believed she could salvage their relationship. However, discovering Douglas’s infidelity shattered her world, leading to a moment of madness where she mistook her father’s moans for Douglas with another woman. In a moment of desperation, Linda fired the fatal shot, forever altering the course of her life.

Yet, despite the gravity of her actions, Linda’s secret was shielded from public scrutiny, thanks to the cunning Norma and her infamous Rolodex of blackmail.

The Palm Royale
The Palm Royale (Credit: Apple TV)

Evelyn’s marriage to Skeet and Douglas’s departure from Palm Beach marked the end of an era, but as “Palm Royale” suggests, the past has a way of resurfacing when least expected.

With each episode peeling back the layers of Palm Beach’s elite, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next revelation in Linda Rollins’ tumultuous journey.

As the secrets of high society continue to unravel, “Palm Royale” promises a riveting exploration of love, betrayal, and the enduring legacy of the Palm Beach elite.