“Parasyte: The Grey” Director Hints at Season 2 & Explains Masaki Suda’s Appearance

Director Yeon Sang-ho, the creative mind behind Netflix’s series “Parasyte: The Grey,” recently discussed the show’s future and hinted at the potential for a Season 2 during an interview with Xports News at a café in Seoul.

The appearance of acclaimed Japanese actor Masaki Suda as Shinichi Izumi in episode 6 sparked speculation among fans about the series’ direction. Director Yeon clarified that the decision ultimately rests with Netflix when asked about the possibility of a second season.

He shared insights into discussions with Masaki Suda, revealing, “I already had ideas for continuing the series when I spoke with Masaki Suda. I shared the whole concept and told him, ‘I will come to meet you at some point.’” Yeon also disclosed that actress Lee Jung-hyun was briefed on his vision for Season 2, adding to fans’ anticipation.

Main cast of “Parasyte: The Grey” held in Seoul (Credits: Netflix )

Addressing queries about potential collaboration between Japan and Korea for Season 2, Yeon hinted, “Shinichi will play a significant role. It’s an important character in the series.”

When questioned about the portrayal of Shinichi in the Japanese live-action film by Shota Sometani, Yeon explained the age discrepancy, emphasizing that “Parasyte: The Grey” takes place eight years after the previous storyline. Masaki Suda, chosen for his fitting visual and acting prowess, embodies the independent character needed for the series’ universe.

“Parasyte: The Grey” Jeon So Nee Stills (Credits: Netflix)

Director Yeon Sang-ho expressed optimism for Season 2, suggesting, “If produced, Season 2 could deliver a serious and unexpected storyline.”

“Parasyte: The Grey” has already impressed audiences with its unique narrative on Netflix, with all episodes now available for streaming.