Park Min-young Seeks Advice from BLACKPINK’s Rosé: A Tale of Friendship and Support

Actress Park Min-young recently talked about the depth of her friendship with BLACKPINK’s Rosé, disclosing that she sought the singer’s advice during a recent fan-meeting event held on March 31st, titled “My Brand New Day in Japan”. In a candid moment with her fans, the “Marry My Husband” star shared her experience and gratitude towards Rosé, shedding light on their supportive relationship.

During the fan meeting, Park Min-young confessed her admiration for Korean idols who possess personalized microphones, a coveted item in the entertainment industry. Feeling inspired, she expressed her desire to acquire her custom mic and subsequently reached out to her close friend Rosé for guidance. Through Rosé’s assistance, Park Min-young was able to procure her desired microphone from the same shop frequented by the BLACKPINK member.

Still from Park Min Young’s Fan Meeting (Credits: X)

“I know a little sister, BLACKPINK’s Rosé, so I asked for help,” Park Min-young talked to her fans, acknowledging Rosé’s pivotal role in fulfilling her aspiration. The actress’s candid admission reflects the genuine bond shared between the two, characterized by mutual support and camaraderie.

Notably, Rosé and Park Min-young’s friendship extends beyond this recent interaction, with the BLACKPINK member previously demonstrating her affection towards the actress by sending her flowers. This gesture exemplifies the depth of their relationship and underscores the genuine connection they share.

Park Min-Young (Credits: helloKpop)

The actress’s openness to seeking advice from Rosé not only demonstrates the strength of their friendship but also underscores the importance of support networks in managing personal and professional challenges.

As Park Min-young continues to excel in her career, her bond with Rosé serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement, emphasizing the value of meaningful connections in the entertainment industry.